Self Defense Kit - Premium

Color: Black
This Kit has 5 elements. A knife key, a shocker, an alarm, a glass breeze with a small blade (protected) that allows to cut a safety belt and a pepper spray. The knife key allows you to defend yourself during an attack or deter your attacker. The blade is virtually undetectable in its form hidden in the key. It measures about 4.5 cm. This key can also be used as a Swiss knife, to cut your food or any other objects during camping ect. Designed for contact use, the shocker can be formidable to deter an aggressor. A simple function of the device produces a frightening sound. Once placed on the individual, the electric arc causes a sharp pain and will disrupt his nervous functions. Once the person is immobilized you can escape. The pocket alarm will allow you in case of aggression, to warn the people around so that they can rescue you. It also has a small light that will allow you to move around in a dark place. The tear gas can, has a portable and practical format that allows to get it out in case of aggression. Release the irritant to the individual’s eyes to neutralize it. It will work as well on a single person as on a group or on an aggressive animal. The glass breeze will allow you to get out of a car in a few seconds. Useful also in case of accident. It also has a small blade that is protected by a cap, which will allow you to cut your seat belt easily and in seconds.

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